About Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure

Are you a mountain biker that is visiting Cebu? Is so you're in luck because we are the premiere Mountain Biking Company in Cebu. We have trails for all skill levels. Tours depart from our shop in the city. We are looking forward to having you come for a ride!

Cebu Mountain Bike Adventures was started by Gene Faelnar to offer Mountain Bikers an easy way to ride when visiting Cebu City. Since the founding of the company, the trail systems have continued to get more extensive and more developed. You will probably be surprised at the quality of the Mountain biking that exists in Cebu City. We are looking forward to having you come ride with us soon.

We offer full-service Mountain Bike Tours that depart from our Bike Shop/Headquarters at 1298-b, V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe
Cebu City, Cebu 6000, right inside the heart of Cebu City.

In addition to the bike rides, Gene also owns an operates a multi-use “Glamping Area” known as “The Camp”. If you are looking for a unique place to host a special event you might want to consider Gene’s Camp. It provides a beautiful setting in the jungle that has incredible views of the surrounding wildlands.